Analysis of Common Troubles in Transmission Line Operation and Preventive Measures

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology and information technology, power industry has also been rapid development, largely changed people’s daily lives, prompting people to pay more attention to power supply security and reliability. Transmission line is an important part of power system operation. It will be affected by factors such as transmission line equipment and natural environment, resulting in tripping  band saw machine, power failure and other faults in the transmission line, which will reduce the operation efficiency to a certain extent. In order to ensure the quality of electric power transmission and improve the security and reliability of power transmission, it is necessary to strengthen the comprehensive analysis of transmission line fault and timely find and solve the fault so as to meet the social power demand.
1, the transmission line of the common faults
1.1 Lightning failure
Lightning failure is a common fault in transmission line operation. Lightning failure is also the most harmful factor in the fault. In general, the transmission lines are running in the wild environment. In the thunderstorm season intensive summer, the probability of lightning accidents increases. According to the relevant information that the annual domestic transmission line lightning failure at least 100 times in recent years has gradually increased more than 200 times. If it is not a very serious lightning accident, it will lead to the unstable operation of transmission lines or line trip phenomenon; If the line in a serious lightning accident, may lead to line fires, transmission line fault lightning failure is the most common and most difficult to control .
1.2 Icing failure
Transmission line running another common failure for the icing fault, in recent years continue to appear extreme weather conditions, such as extreme snow and ice weather, so in recent years has also increased the phenomenon of ice cover trip. If it can not effectively control the ice-covering trip punch machine for Head problem, it will cause overloading of the transmission line, which will cause the transmission line to be broken or deformed because it can not bear excessive load, so that it will seriously damage the poles insulation layer and improve the accident of the transmission line. The probability. When the domestic cold area runs the transmission line, the icing phenomenon will lead to the normal operation of the power system.
1.3 wind partial discharge failure
Transmission line operation, not only will appear icing fault and lightning failure, but there are wind partial discharge failure, in recent years because of the domestic wind and other adverse weather increases, leading to widespread wind partial discharge fault tripping phenomenon, this problem will be serious Hinder the normal operation of the power system. If the system is running the transmission line when subjected to windy weather, transmission line wind swing will lead to line trip or short circuit problems. Under normal circumstances, the wind partial discharge failure occurs in the relatively strong coastal areas of wind. At present, environmental problems are becoming more and more serious, and the number of harsh environments, such as strong winds, has increased. This has resulted in the transmission line being prone to wind partial discharge failure, which makes the power system incapable of normal operation of transmission lines.
1.4 Line pollution flash failure
At this stage, the design of transmission lines can not be improved in China, and the pollution problem of lines can not be analyzed in a comprehensive way. When the transmission line is actually operated, the pollution will appear on the line surface, which will make the circuit tripping, can not supply power normally punch equipment and even damage the power supply. Equipment, so the actual operation should be based on a reasonable way to deal with line pollution flashover failure.
2, the common causes of transmission line failure
2.1 causes of lightning accidents
From the perspective of climate and environment, the lightning accident is inevitable. It is mainly due to the cyclical changes in each area of ​​lightning activity, and the widely distributed hilly basin or mountainous area in China, often with regular thunderstorm weather, which will improve the probability of lightning stroke And transmission line lightning strike probability. From the geographical environment, the majority of the region there are relatively high resistivity, because the pole with relatively large resistance, resulting in line trip problems. Because of weather factors, many domestic mountain transmission lines often exposed a large area of ​​wire arc, which will greatly improve the probability of lightning, but also improve the probability of tripping.
2.2 cause of ice failure
2.2.1 down tower. Down tower is mainly due to the operation of the transmission line when the formation of ice if the problem, down the tower to withstand the pressure will be higher than the maximum capacity, this time because the poles can not withstand the actual pressure caused by down or deformation of the pole. If the above-mentioned problem occurs in the utility pole, it will cause the electrical equipment to have the unnecessary breakdown.
2.2.2 wire malfunction. If the wire is coated with ice, gravitational attraction can occur, causing severe deformation of the utility poles. If the artificial vibration or temperature will lead to ice off, prompting the wire elastic properties gradually become the wire kinetic energy, making the wire jump, so that poles, wires seriously shaking, the formation of wire malfunction phenomenon. With the continuous increase of the amount of ice covered wire, increased sag and tension changes, the transmission line will drop icing greater error rate, resulting in serious line fault.
2.3 wind partial discharge failure causes
Most of the transmission lines are in the strong wind area, and the transmission lines will deflect or shift under the influence of strong winds. In addition, the gradual reduction of the air gap and the increase of the local field strength will promote the local high field strength of the poles and fittings. Phenomenon, so that the transmission line is very easy to lead to discharge problems. In general, in the angle iron edge, pin nails, shock hammer and other locations prone to wind partial discharge.
2.4 pollution lines flashover reasons
Configuration and design of transmission line insulation, due to a relatively low design level and imperfect climate data and environmental management measures, will lead to lines appear defaced phenomenon. If serious environmental pollution or bad weather, will lead to reduce the power system anti-pollution flash capacity, so that can not be normal operation of transmission lines.
3, transmission line operation in the prevention and control measures
Transmission line operation should be real-time management and periodic inspection, according to a variety of ways to avoid line trip problems, in addition to the need to promptly check the electrical equipment grounding system, regular inspection of transmission lines, and timely removal of branches and other debris near the transmission line, the actual Treatment can be placed when the inspection station, do a good job line of live equipment inspection, if the line insulation problems arise, the need for timely replacement of system equipment, in order to prevent loss of power. According to the line maintenance to achieve the problem of reducing power consumption, in the cleaning of electrical equipment and lines when the need for careful and comprehensive analysis and inspection of the above equipment. When running the transmission line in the event of system failure, the relevant operators should continue to improve the intensity of management failures and transmission line operation reliability and security, from the following aspects of fault prevention measures:
3.1 Lightning Strike Faults in Transmission Line Operation
In order to effectively avoid the lightning tripping failure on the transmission line and influence the reliable and safe operation of the transmission lines during the summer season, it is essential to improve the anti-lightning ability of the transmission line. Because the heavy rain and lightning weather is inevitable and unpredictable, the actual operation need to be based on the meteorological department of lightning and rainstorms occur rules and characteristics, the appropriate installation of lightning arrester, and the focus of the transmission line installed surge arresters, in addition, the transmission line operation As far as possible when the choice of gentle terrain area, in order to prevent lightning accidents. At the same time in order to protect the transmission line stability and safe operation should strengthen the lightning structure and preventive measures. The actual prevention of transmission line lightning failure should be a comprehensive analysis of a variety of factors, organic combination of lightning activity terrain, strength and other phenomena, the rational allocation of lightning protection equipment to ensure maximum play equipment.
3.2 transmission lines in the wind partial discharge fault prevention and control measures
In order to avoid the transmission line wind partial discharge fault tripping phenomenon, at this time need to use relevant measures to clear the transmission line operation of wind partial discharge fault tripping reasons and characteristics: First, the formal construction of transmission lines before the need for in-depth analysis of the construction site, carefully study the construction site The hydrology, climate, topography and other conditions, according to the actual situation at the construction site to develop a reasonable scientific design and design standards. The actual construction, the installation of towers need to avoid the installation of protrusions or spikes, towers installed after the tower should be timely proofreading the distance, in order to prevent the future lay the foundation for wind failure. The relevant departments of the electric power should design the wind deviation parameter according to the actual situation, and install some monitoring system, and regularly check the line tower to ensure the stable operation of the transmission line.
3.3 Transmission line in the operation of icing failure prevention and control measures
It is necessary to analyze the ice thickness and the area of ​​the ice on the basis of the actual situation to avoid the icing serious area as much as possible to minimize the icing position of the design. It is necessary to set up a straight-line tower to prevent the destruction and influence of the towers, and to strengthen the ground support in time to ensure the compressive strength of the lines and towers.
3.4 pollution lines in the operation of pollution prevention and control countermeasures
In order to prevent the transmission lines flashover phenomenon, the actual operation of the need to increase the capacity of anti-pollution flash circuit, this time the most important thing is to improve the level of insulation design lines. It is necessary to analyze the causes and characteristics of the line pollution flashover fault, design the grid system in a targeted way, improve the insulation design, reasonably collect the environmental pollution and climate data information, formulate the scientific insulation program, so as to improve the anti-pollution flashover .
In summary, the transmission line affected by a variety of factors, a system failure, based on the need for electricity departments based on climate, topography, geology and other practical conditions, scientific and rational development of local conditions of the construction program. In addition, electric power enterprises vigorously popularize and publicize the knowledge of safe use of electricity and electricity law, to avoid man-made destruction of lines, regular maintenance and inspection of transmission lines to ensure reliable and safe operation of transmission lines.

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