Design Sharing of Hydraulic Cylinders

First of all, in the design of hydraulic cylinders to share with you first to consider the following aspects:
1. To minimize the hydraulic cylinder size, so compact.
2. To ensure that the hydraulic cylinder reciprocating speed, travel needs traction.
3. Piston rod is not the best compression, so as not to produce bending deformation.
4. Ensure that each part has sufficient strength Drilling Machine for Plate, stiffness and durability.
5. Try to avoid the hydraulic cylinder by the lateral load.
6. Long stroke hydraulic cylinder piston rod out, should avoid drooping. A
7. Can eliminate the piston, piston rod and the deflection between the guide.
8. According to the hydraulic cylinder working conditions and specific circumstances, consider the buffer, exhaust and dust control measures.
9. Hydraulic cylinder can not be due to temperature changes, subject to restrictions arising from deflection. Especially long hydraulic cylinder should pay attention to.
10. To possible sealing, to prevent boring equipment leakage.
11. Hydraulic cylinder structural elements should be the standard series size, try to choose frequently used standard parts.
12. Try to achieve low cost, easy manufacturing, easy maintenance.

induction heating machineSecondly, the share is in the selection should also pay attention to the following aspects:
Machine tools – most of the high-strength cast iron (HT200), when the pressure exceeds 8MPa, the use of seamless steel tubes.
Engineering machinery – most of 35 and 45 steel seamless steel pipe CNC angle punch. When the pressure is high, can use 27SiMn seamless steel pipe or 45 steel forging.
Integral Piston – Most use 35 steel and 45 steel.
Assembly piston – often gray cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, aluminum, etc., special needs can be installed in the steel piston blank outside the bronze, brass and nylon marking machine wear-resistant sets .
Piston rod:
General use of 35 steel and 45 steel, when the impact of hydraulic cylinder vibration is great, you can use 55 steel or 40Cr alloy materials.
Finally, we can step by step to complete the design of hydraulic cylinders:

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1. According to the action of the host to select the type of hydraulic cylinder and structure.
2. The master data and design basis, including: the use of the host and working conditions; work structure characteristics, load conditions, stroke size and action Drilling Machine for Sieve Plate requirements; hydraulic system selected work pressure and flow; materials, accessories and processing technology The relevant state standards and technical specifications.
3. According to the external force of the hydraulic cylinder, such as gravity, external mechanism, friction force, inertia force and working load, to determine the load of the hydraulic cylinder in the various stages of the process of change and must provide the power value.
4. Determine the diameter of the piston and piston rod according to the working load of the hydraulic cylinder and the selected oil working pressure.
5. Determine the flow rate of the hydraulic pump according to the moving speed of the hydraulic cylinder, the diameter of the piston and the piston rod.
6. Select cylinder material, calculate the outer diameter.
7. Select the structure of cylinder head to calculate the connection strength between cylinder head and cylinder. ^
8. According to the working stroke hydraulic angle cutting machine requirements, determine the maximum working length of the hydraulic cylinder L, usually L> = D, D is the diameter of the piston rod. As the piston rod slender, should be carried out longitudinal bending strength checking and hydraulic cylinder stability calculation.
9. If necessary, design buffer, exhaust and dust and other devices.
10. Draw the hydraulic cylinder assembly drawing and parts drawing.
11. Arrange the design calculations, validation drawings and other technical documents.

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