Baoan pneumatic punch, pneumatic parts of the local punch

Baoan pneumatic punch, pneumatic parts of the local punch to use Pneumatic punching machine manufacturers – IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale Punch enterprise integrating R \u0026 D, production and sales of presses, high-speed presses steel structural drilling machine, precision presses, pneumatic presses and high precision sheet metal presses. With the large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, precision testing equipment and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control methods to achieve the ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information management, and in the same industry with the first ISO9001: 2000 Certification. Pneumatic punch cylinder use: 1. Normal working conditions of the cylinder is: ambient temperature of 35 \u0026 mdash; 80 ℃ cnc machining, the working pressure is generally 0.4-0.6MPa 2. Before installation, should be 1.5 times the working pressure conditions for testing, should not leak 3. When equipped, the relative movement of all sealing elements working surface should be coated with grease 4. Installation of the gas source inlet must be placed air source regulator: Filter – Pressure Reducer – Oil mist 5. Attention to the installation of the piston rod as much as possible to withstand the tensile load, bearing the inference load should be as far as possible so that the load on the piston rod axis Tapping Machine, the piston rod is not allowed to bear eccentric or horizontal load 6. When the load changes in the stroke, use the cylinder with enough output force and attach the buffer device 7. Try not to use full stroke

How to Maintain Press Press for Forging Press Forging press for high production efficiency

How to Maintain Press Press for Forging Press Forging press for high production efficiency is widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming process. Do you know how to maintain the forging punch press? Here to explain how to maintain your press: 1, check forging presses the press of the lubrication parts are filled with lubricants; 2, check the bearing clearance and brake tightness is appropriate; 3, check forging punch presses the moving parts of the debris folder; 4 steel saw, check the press forging punch press slide guide rail and the gap between the fuselage and wear state; 5 big drill machine, turn on the power to observe the direction of rotation is correct punching machine for sale. Clutch can only be turned on in the right direction, or the gear reversal will damage the steering mechanism and the clutch.

Pneumatic tools in which products?

Pneumatic tools in which products? ⒈ gas-ho There are two pneumatic pneumatic valve, one is in the machine, the operator press down the handle when the operator can start the machine, the other is a handle at the handle of the pressure valve, the former use More secure, the use of the latter must meet the requirements. ⒉ gas shovel When the work is not allowed to shovel the direction of cutting, precision punching machine should be added when necessary for protection. 3. Pneumatic riveting machine In the use and handling of hammer from the machine out of the pneumatic riveting machine should pay special attention to the operation should be a certain force to compact the machine to prevent the hammer flying out of wounding, without the packaging of the machine handling, the hammer Remove, to prevent the hammer fall injury foot.

Hot riveting, the Wotou often use water to cool, so as to avoid burns. 3. Needle beam pneumatic derusting device After opening the pipe inlet valve, prohibit the needle beam toward the direction of someone, so as to avoid mistakes caused by the accident hydraulic hole punch machine. 4. Pneumatic wrench Precision punch pneumatic impact wrenches in pneumatic tools is the most used, and the most extensive. The rugged hammering design makes the output capacity greatly improved cnc machines for sale. It is suitable for steel structure screw work, carpentry spell trigger operation, medium and large truck tire operations marking machine.


The principle of the pneumatic press is characterized by the background of the pneumatic punch 1. Compressed air as the power source, high efficiency and easy operation hydraulic busbar bending machine, simple structure, very little maintenance. 2. No hydraulic system noise generated by standby, can save power consumption and reduce production costs. 3. According to different products or molds, arbitrary height, speed, travel, pressure and stamping time. 4. With anti-rotation guide bar, guide plate, high precision, can adapt to high-speed precision blanking. 5. Optional hands or foot control. To ensure that the operator’s personal safety. 6. Using microcomputer control system band saw machine, mode can choose manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic mode. Can increase the heating mold, temperature control and pressure sensors. Simple structure, the use of pneumatic technology, to achieve an air compressor can also work for more than one pneumatic punching machine CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine, punch more energy than the electric.

Reduce power consumption. Simple, safe Background of the Pneumatic Punch At present, in a variety of metal and non-metallic pipe, sheet metal punching areas, mostly using electric punch to complete the electric punch is not only noise pollution, The body is bulky, and power consumption. When the operation of complex, high failure rate, security risks. Pneumatic punch more health, clean! The use of advanced optical protection technology, can achieve a significant increase in safety performance, computer count and program coordination, unattended processing can be achieved, greatly improving the efficiency of the work and reduce production costs.

Safety management system for precision presses

Safety management system for precision presses 1 angle iron machine, precision punching machine for a variety of machinery operators, must be professional and technical training and safe operation of the study, and obtained the operating certificate after passing the test, before an independent operation.

Safety education in the enterprise should have the content of mechanical safety education. 2, do a good job of mechanical safety inspection activities, precision punching machine itself notching machine, the failure and safety device inspection, mainly to eliminate mechanical failures and hidden dangers, to ensure that the safety device sensitive and reliable

3, precision press safety supervision and inspection system implementation: adhere to the regular inspection and non-periodic inspection of the supervision and inspection system, inspection, information feedback, eliminate hidden dangers, quality recognition, must have a written record, the formation of closed-loop management best mill drill machine. 4, from the strict grasp of safety, the occurrence of mechanical equipment accidents, so that ‘three spare’, the punishment should be strict, on the contrary to the accident prevention to make outstanding achievements in units and individuals to be rewarded, reward and punishment, And economic responsibility.

Precision punching folder feeder

Precision punching folder feeder 1. Clip-type feeder for ultra-thin (0.1-1.5mm thick) of the material processing, supply stability, from the precise distance; 2. Clip-type feeder is the surface and surface contact, the material surface will not leave any indentation, for punching electroplating materials aluminum, stainless steel, copper, iron and other metal materials, stamping out the precision is very high, Stamping products require high customer will generally choose this feeder.

3. Clip-type feeder installed in the high-speed punch CNC Angle Punching Machine, the feeder noise is very small; 4. Clip-type feeder with the goal of high-speed punching feed very fast, feeding up to 1000-1200 times per minute, is the fastest high-speed punch used in the feeding device angle iron shear, greatly improving production capacity and reduce production costs, very Suitable for high-volume parts production.

5. High-speed punch folder-type feeder with scale adjustment and belt drive, personnel operation is very simple, good stability, and anyone can easily operate: 6 metal drilling machine. Clip-type feeder for the one-piece structure, to avoid high-speed punch stamping produced by the resonance, to ensure long-term stability of the feed accuracy.

Key construction and punch press punching can be done according to stamping dies

The key construction and the punch press punching machine may according to the stamping mold, the molding, trimming, riveting, each kind of commonly used fitting precision blanking operation transmission, the common has in the cup, the plate, the cabinet, the switch socket, the computer case uses the punch to produce, Speed ​​and pressure must be accurate, save the calm of the accident, so the staff must be familiar with the necessary knowledge of safe operation to ensure the safety of the operation.

Before driving the normal operation of the punch, the main fastening screw fastening, check whether the mold is complete, if there is no control of cracks, the need for exchange. Punch control mechanism, active stop device, punching clutch, brake is working properly, smooth style If the plug timely clean bright, lubricating oil filling lubricating oil shortage, the normal drive failure, need to empty test run, and then in production. Punch die must be installed to open the bottom dead point of the slider, in accordance with the agreed conditions of the closed height, punch pressure test, check the normal mold fastening. Do not install the mold, deviate from the center of the seat, to avoid the occurrence of evil.

If the job is to drive component leaks outside the news shield must be installed, unshielded environments may resist driving tests. Punch work requires the staff to be called unprepared, hands and objects, do not enter the dangerous area, if a small operation must use the tweezers of professional tools, if there is a plastic card in the mold can only rule the tool processing, absolutely can not be used Hand to get. An example of the mode of operation is a punching work piece that must be relaxed or a pedal action button. When necessary, the implementation of the former two people united, go it alone, specify the drive is OK, the staff is correct in each type of consistent, punch cutting off the exclusion and finishing a good mold power before the staff.

Reminder: When the press is not normal or abnormal sound, to immediately stop the operation, check the punch device control by the stop building.
Want to increase the life of the punch press mold, in addition to rely on reasonable mold structure and high accuracy and precision molds to create, with a few red installation precision parts, the correct use of mold, cherish and cherish the key input effect, The following points:

One does the handling, care during transport and installation, the cutting edge and direction do not destroy the mold, and do not touch the mold.

Two, the first rule before installing the mold, check for wear, if there is anything to clean up, halo lubrication guide sets and mold complex, red core positioning pin without loosening; select the installation tool, do not select metal tools hard, So as not to hit the mold during the installation damage, the general tool of copper and aluminum is the most.

3, the punch according to the mold installation and installation standards to prevent the incorrect installation of anti-placed to ensure that the upper and lower die consistent bias, punch die installed in the direction of high; in addition to the mold wear mold attention, if the wear should be timely blade mold, and then Proceed to the next step.

Fourth, the punch is installed, check all the screws. No lock, installed in the lower mold is flat, the punch is not complete set of mold feeding tray; stop the use of abnormal exposure to the mold to replace the spring to meet the mold to avoid the use of tools.

Deep throat punch enterprises how to respond to changes in the market

In recent years, China has deep throat punch enterprise equipment level has increased significantly, imports a large number of high-end digital deep throat by manufacturing special equipment. According to customs statistics, from 2010 to 2012 the first total imports nearly half of the 2400 units. In the enterprise to import these equipment, foreign-owned, joint ventures and deep throat by enterprises in China about half. Now many countries the level of equipment deep throat punch key enterprises have been basically with the developed countries. As a result, users often ask: China’s deep throat punch press equipment business conditions have improved, but deep throat punch on the gap between the supply capacity of foreign counterparts in the high-end is still very large, why?

Hitting the key to the development of China’s main bottleneck to end Deep Throat punch. Over the past decade, from a very low starting point of domestic efficient deep throat punch, growth and progress year by year, the effect is significant. But at the same time, through the practice of deep throat crushing enterprises for more than a decade, and finally realized that the development of modern high-pressure deep-throat press, if only rely on the level of equipment manufacturing capacity, rather than at the same time to improve the comprehensive development and service Capacity, it is impossible for large-scale access to modern, efficient deep-throat punch machine market, only sporadic at best do some import substitution, it is difficult to improve market share. Therefore, we must be soberly aware that the lack of comprehensive services to extend the service to provide users with deep throat by enterprises in China with the foreign advanced level of the main gap, good, must be determined to resolve.

At present, most of China’s deep throat punch enterprises still make the use of low-end manufacturing industry, the traditional standard Deep Throat News mainly in this way the production and operation of enterprises in the market competition in the real sense, but also did not set for the manufacture of Improve service concept efficiency. Therefore, the punch manufacturers only completely change the inaction of the idea, can really enter the modern efficient deep throat by the track development.

Traditional Deep Throat Punch According to the deep throat punch into the enterprise to develop into a first-class field of high efficiency, is to completely change – and ineffective state, start a positive follow-up market dynamics, enterprise market positioning and their ability to build and solid overall development modern efficient Deep throat presses a homework every door. This is required for all success.

How to reduce the punch noise and measure the punch gear spacing

 No intention of personnel will suffer stamping punching load noise large stagnation, today let Xiaobian to you for this problem.

The source of the noise caused by load operation with the workpiece and the workpiece or stripper plate and the collision between the blanks, stamping process through the twisting and punching. Which stamping process of the biggest impact of the twist and punching noise.

1, punch noise: punch process, respectively, very different noise. Sheet metal punching than the inflection, deep drawing noise, and imprinting, pressure wave, flanging, bending, drawing and other forming process noise is small.

2, twisting noise: the same type of punching noise and stamping parts of the punching plate thickness, hardness, a lot of demeanor, hammering speed, die spacing and other good because of the clearance, noise increases with these increases. Punch at work, the punch and the plate and the discharge plate collision with the billet greatly enhanced, along with the impact speed to fill the impact also increases, the collision noise and later broke out of the Zhengzhou punch material split sound measured split, which A measure has been put into practice. In a unified punch, punching thick, hard material than the cut-thin, soft material noise. For thick ductile sheet, the impact noise and the rupture sound arrive at the same size.
Round backlash unity, referring to the reference arc in a section of the punch face. It may wish to make a fixed gear when the gear tooth contact through the right, the fall to the left tooth profile contact. The actual measurement, in contact with the top of the adjacent mandrel limit mandrel, so it is necessary to slightly tilt the standard measuring spindle.

Normal gap round, when the gear contact, the shortest cut off the tooth profile of the non-contact punch table can be tilted punch surface of the gear tooth profile of the contact surface. When the price of punch assembly punching and construction, we will often measure the amount of discs by the method of micrometer.

From the focus of the backlash Cr, with the center of the rod or outside diameter micrometer measuring the direction of the punch gap, we must choose the full denting value estimate the direction of the center of the gap to determine the desire pin diameter.

Sparse reminder: the red tooth backlash appropriate, from the direction of the center of Cr, is a surface value, in fact difficult to measure correctly. Due to the fact that in the actual commissioning of the punch bed manufacturers the bed gap gears have been fixed on the shaft, so the punch maker will not get out of the center of the opponent’s pocket in the direction of running the capsule. However, since the precision of the center hole from the production process is inaccurate, the difference between the actual distance in the middle of the volume (backlash Cr) will lead to a change in the backlash on Cn and Co.

At the same time to create gears, precision shaft holes also rape Cr and measure the flow through the thickness of the tooth can be determined round, so the three serious gaps between the fixed correlation. Actual installation, maintenance, no three red backlash clearance is determined, the controller may hand the existing equipment, select the most appropriate measurement, measurement gap, then the reverse gap between the punch is derived through other formulas.

Pay Attention to the Problems in the Process of CNC Punch

CNC lathe processing is necessary, should pay attention to the problem: CNC lathe processing and general lathe processing is similar, but because the CNC lathe is a clamping, continuous automatic processing to complete all the turning. Therefore, we should note the following aspects.

A reasonable choice of cutting consumption.

2. Reasonable choice of cutting tools: (1) The high strength and durability requirements of rough turning tools, in order to meet the rough depth, feed. (2) precision cars, select high-precision, durable tool to ensure the accuracy of processing requirements.

(3) to reduce the tool change time and knife convenience, should be used machine folder and machine folder blade.

3. Reasonable choice of fixture: (1) try to use the universal fixture to clamp the workpiece, to avoid special fixture; (2) parts positioning reference coincidence to reduce positioning errors.

4 to determine the processing line: the processing line is the process of numerical control targets, tools and relative parts of the trajectory direction. (1) should be able to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements; (2) should minimize the process to reduce the tool empty travel time. Rotor pumps

5. Processing line and processing margin: the current punch, lathe in the CNC has not yet reached the universal situation, the general should be on the rough margin, especially with forging, casting shell edge general lathe processing arrangements. If you must use CNC lathe processing, you need to pay attention to the flexible arrangement of the program.

6 points: the current installation fixture is connected to the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic clamping cylinder to achieve, as shown in Figure 1. The hydraulic clamping point is as follows: First unload the hydraulic cylinder nut and remove the horn, and disengage the rear end of the spindle, then remove the screw by hand to remove the chuck chuck.

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