What kind of punch and customer service is not flawed?

Work to be perfect, try to ensure that zero defect punch What kind of punch and customer service is not flawed? Is suitable for customers of products and services. Only to provide customers with the satisfaction of the punch and services busbar bending, customers will have long-term trust, customers will only give you priority when you purchase punch hydraulic press. Zero-defect work is the key to prevention, inspection and can not produce quality, only prevention can produce quality. The zero-defect work standard means that all the requirements of the work process must be met at all times drill machine for flange. In the production process of the punch press, no compromise to the nonconformity should be made, but the mistake must be prevented so that the customer will not get To meet the requirements of the punch or service.

In the punch production process, from the perspective of zero-defect work, we can better see the relationship between work attitude and results, for production, we do not pay a little more, but to work to do the perfect, try to reach Zero defects, this time in order to get a qualitative leap punch quality. Because even a little lack, it may affect our punch accuracy, rigidity or life expectancy is unqualified products, these unqualified punch will directly affect our image in the minds of customers. Punch is a high-precision machinery, perhaps a small detail can affect the accuracy of the punch. Zero-defect work is to eliminate the work of the requirements is not meticulous. Perfect no end, zero defect is relentless pursuit out. Our lives will do a lot of things, so go all out, excellence, the spirit of the pursuit of perfection is a must. Zero defect work is not impossible. For example, to provide first-class punch and service, not to put such a slogan written in the company’s propaganda bar or put in the ad even if it’s done. To start small, starting from the customer’s needs, start from the details. In the service concept, is to take customer needs as a fundamental.

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